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Overcoming the Siege

Anchor Scripture: 2 Kings 25:1-3

Israel was a United Kingdom at creation, but after the reign of Solomon, it became a divided kingdom, we now had the Northern Kingdom with Samaria as the capital and the Southern Kingdom with Jerusalem as the capital, but the Promise of God to redeem the whole world was on Jerusalem, that shows that the city is glorious, wonderful, honorable and powerful in the plan of God

The book of Isaiah is the only book of the Bible that has the same structure as the whole Bible: 
- The Bible has 66 books and this book of Isaiah has 66 chapters 

- The Old Testament talks about the fall of man and his punishment by God, man's woes and tribulations, the first 39 chapters of the book of Isaiah talks about the punishment of Israel by God in the hands of different nations

- The New Testament talks about the fulfillment of God's plan to redeem man and bring an end to his sufferings and miseries, the last 16 chapters of the book of Isaiah also indicate the comforting of Israel by God after all their sufferings in the hands of the enemies, beginning with Isaiah 40, which is our main chapter of discussion in this convention

Therefore in this general lecture I'll be looking at this topic: The Siege is Over from these perspectives: 
* Definition of siege
* Origin of siege
* Reasons for siege
* Going through the siege
* After the siege

Definitions of Siege
This is defined as the action of an armed force that surrounds a fortified place and isolates it while continuing to attack it, it can also be called Besiege which means to surround so as to force to give up - in other words, siege is not against a person or place that is useless or inglorious but rather against a person that has glorious, honorable and wonderful destiny, so if you are under any form of siege, whether you know it or not, it's because you have a glorious destiny

Origin of siege
When God created man, he was created to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue all things and be in dominion in other words, God made man His sole representative on earth. Man was in a perfect union and relationship with God until a day, when the enemy came in and sever the smooth journey of man with God - Gen. 1:28, 3:1-19. 
From thence, man became a toy in the hands of the enemy, but when Jesus came to redeem man, he escaped from the trap of the enemy, but a lot of people are still ignorant of this fact, but today you are been set free in the precious name of Jesus Christ

Reasons for the siege
You are under this siege in your life because of any of the following reasons:
~ You carry a glorious destiny - God created man to be glorious, so it is expected that everyone coming into this world is coming with glory
~ You are a destiny changer - You are created to be a person that will be used by God to touch and transform the destinies of others
~ You a person of impact - You are meant to be of impact on your generation and the ones to come
~ You are a sought after person - You are meant to be a person that people will be seeking for help and assistance
~ You are a person of authority - You are meant to speak and live as a person of authority
~ You are a person in dominion - You are supposed to dominate wherever you are or may get to in life
~ You are a sinful person - You are created to be in the image of God, which according to a school of thought comprised of: True knowledge, Holiness and Righteousness, but if you are not living as an image of God, the devil will lay siege against you - 2 Kings 24: 3 - 5

The first six points indicate your original status, the real you, but the enemy has seen all these things inside of you, unfortunately, you did not know and gave the enemy access into your life through sin, that is why the enemy laid siege against you so that you will not be able to fulfill your glorious and wonderful destiny

Types of siege
Academic siege - students can be under the siege of reading and not understanding or evil-minded lecturers 
Career siege - some people will find it difficult to make a headway in their chosen career due to the siege of the enemy 
Life siege - some people face siege in all areas of their life, they push and strive in all areas of their lives, unfortunately many have died I though making it through
Marital siege - many people are going through marital siege in the area of lack of marital breakthrough - no serious partner or even calling off relationship close to introduction or wedding, some are going through siege in their marriage. 
Spiritual siege - many people are under the siege of the devil in their spiritual life, someone who is meant to be setting people free is seeking freedom from different sources, to the extent that people are advising of going to herbalist
Financial siege - many people are undergoing serious lack and abject poverty, despite that Jesus died to make us rich, it is the siege of the enemy that has caused it. Remember that when a place or person is under siege, there won't be going out or coming in, in other words, you will not be able to access the help and assistance of people, no matter who you contact for help, nothing will come out for you
But God brought you to this mountain to cause a change in the situation of your life, I therefore speak as an oracle of God that your life shall encounter the mighty hand of God to provoke the required solution in Jesus name

Going through the Siege
What you should understand is that, your siege will last as long as you are ignorant of the solution.
As long as you refuse to acknowledge the finished work of Christ on the cross as the solution to your overcoming the siege of life, you remain under the siege
Every siege has a time lapse, 1st Peter 5:10 says "But the God of all grace, He calling us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a little, He will perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish you." The KJV says after ye have suffered a order words, the siege is not meant to overcome you, you are meant to go through and afterwards become a better person
In the process of going through the siege you have to be doing the following: 
- Wait on the Lord for strength i.e. Seek God for divine direction
- Identify the type of siege you are going through - this is what will help you to know how to approach and overcome the siege
- Fast and Pray - pray in line with the direction and instruction you receive from God
- Request for Grace - it takes grace to go through the race of life, if the grace of God is not on your life, you will not scale through the siege of life
- Rejoice and be glad - you may think that frowning and complaining will help when going through siege, but it will not, but rather make it worse. You should be glad because you have God on your side
- Allow God to do what He wants to do - Siege sometimes come because God wants to teach you something, you should therefore learn what He wants you to learn in the course of the season
- You must have Faith - you have to see yourself going through the period of siege successfully and without the enemy prevailing over you - Hebrew 11: 29

After the siege
This is actually where we are going, we only went through those other points in order for you to know that siege has season and you can go through it successfully. 
When God was telling Jerusalem that her siege was over, it simply meant that she went through a stressful period, but had now overcome, in this final part of the lecture, I'll be talking about what you begin to enjoy when the siege is over:
Comfort - When you have overcome the siege of life, you begin to enjoy the comfort of God and you will also be able to comfort others - 2nd Corinthians 1:3 - 4
Blessing - After the siege is over, the blessings of God begin to flow into your life ceaselessly 
Glorious manifestation - you begin to manifest the glory of God that your life is meant to show forth
Peace - when siege comes to an end, peace will begin to reign in your life
Progress and prosperity - siege makes a person to be stagnant in life, it also provokes lack, but when it is over, you begin to move forward, because there is a place called forward anud it is meant for the children of God, you also gain access to the prosperity that Jesus purchased for believers through His blood when siege is over
Breakthrough - when siege is over, you enjoy breakthrough on all sides - Isaiah 54: 3
Favor - when your siege is over, the favor of God locates you and people will begin to favor you on all sides - Psalm 102:3
Health - when your edge comes to an end, you begin to enjoy divine health - 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:4-6

You have come to this convention to learn that there is no siege without an expiry date, today marks the date and what you begin to enjoy from this day forward
Thank you all for listening and I pray that God in His infant mercy will transform your destiny for good today in Jesus name
I will like us to pray the following prayers:
Oh Lord, let every siege causing stagnancy in my life come to an end upon this mountain
Oh Lord, let me begin to enjoy the fruits of an over comer from today
My Father, let my life begin to show forth your glory and honor
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Vocaroo Voice Message

Listen to this powerful message by Pastor Alo Olatokunboh Akin, topic is: Overcoming the power of the gravecloth

There is a power militating against your breakthrough, when you listen to this message, such power will be destroyed and you will receive your freedom

Vocaroo Voice Message

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The Chosen Generation

The Chosen Generation
1st Peter 2: 9

What does it mean to be Chosen?

ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Separate and Different from others
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are qualified for Glorification
ü When you are Chosen, it means Manifestation is your birthright
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Preferred above many and others
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are above and beyond molestation and harassment
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Empowered by God to carry out His assignment
ü When you are Chosen, it means you are Precious to God, though people may not see the sign of a Chosen one on you yet, but to Good you are His Chosen. Sinach said “take a look at me I’m a wonder, it doesn’t matter what you see now, and I can see His glory…” – tell it to someone beside you, “take a look at me I’m a wonder…”
Understand that you are not Chosen of men, but of God – by men’s standard, you may not even qualify to be Chosen, but by God’s standard you are a Chosen Generation – Galatians 1: 1 – you can put your name instead of Paul and change the Apostle to a Chosen e.g. Olatokunboh, a Chosen (not of men, neither by man…)
How to become a Chosen generation
·       Basically, you become a Chosen Generation by simply confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour – this will automatically transfer you from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light
·       You maintain your entry into the realm of the Chosen generation by your obedience to the Word of God – John 8: 31 “…if ye continue in my Word, then are ye my ‘Chosen Generation’ indeed”
Why are you Chosen?
ü You must understand that you are not Chosen for your personal benefits, but for God’s Praise and Use
ü Also you are Chosen in order to be relevant to your generation
ü You may be an individual, but as a Chosen Generation, you are a Nation and many destinies are attached to you – You must not fail them, understand that you must not fail or disappoint the destinies that are attached to you.
God has therefore brought you here to mold you for the future, you must be ready to submit yourself for the molding process, though it is not easy, but you need to go through it in order to be able to give an acceptable praise and to be worthy of the use of the father  

What or who makes you a Chosen Generation?
You must note the following:
i.                   You are Chosen by Grace and not by Grade – your Grade may be embarrassing , but Grace is taking over
ii.                 You are Chosen by the Blessings of God and not your Beauty – Ephesians 1: 3
iii.              You are Chosen by the Most High and not by your Height
iv.              You are Chosen by the Saviour and not by your Stature
v.                 You are Chosen by your Father in Heaven and not by your Family Name
vi.              You are Chosen by the Almighty and by your Might – Zechariah 4: 6
Finally, you need to know that when you are Chosen, you are no more your own, you have become the property of God, and so you must please Him in all your doings, dressings, and sayings – 1st Corinthians 6: 20
Song: It’s not by Power, It’s not by Might, by my Spirit says the Lord
-         Oh Lord, grant me the Grace to be relevant as a Chosen Generation
Grace is the primary source for relevance – it is the spiritual tool given by God for anyone to become relevant
-         Oh Lord, let your Blessings locate my life and make me a Chosen Generation
-         Whatever is in my life and is making me conform to this world, Lord release your fire to consume it today
-         Oh Lord, let the fire of transformation come upon my life to make me qualify to give you an acceptable praise
-         Oh Lord, any force, spirit or power that may be militating against my spiritual development, let them be consumed by fire
Those that have embarrassing and disappointing grades should be prayed with for grace to take over their lives’ journey

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Transforming Power of the Word: Transforming Power of the Word

Transforming Power of the Word: Transforming Power of the Word:   What is Transformation? According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, Transformation is defined as a complete change in s...

Transforming Power of the Word

What is Transformation?
According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, Transformation is defined as a complete change in somebody or something. Naturally, transformation takes place in every human being, as a baby boy matures into a man and a baby girl matures into a woman, but the transformation I am talking about in this book is beyond the natural phenomenon This book scrutinizes the lives of some individuals in the Bible – Jabez, the son of Sorrow, Jacob, the Usurper and Saul, the Destroyer – to emphasize and authenticate the existence and vital importance of the spiritual transformation I am writing to you in particular that you need this transformation in your life in order to fulfill your destiny in life
You must understand that Transformation is the gateway to Your Manifestation in life – so you are on a journey to your destination of manifestation in Jesus name
Understand that Transformation has no Limitation, no matter where you are or the situation you may be right now, your transformation will lead you into your glorification
You may physically or spiritually be in prison, you may have committed a lot of atrocities in life, you may be under a curse in your family, but a single step of Faith will take you to your place of Fame in life
Understand that to get to your glorious destination, you must first of all encounter transformation, that is why this book is coming to you at this stage of your life, read it, meditate on it, pray with it and you will encounter the transforming power of the Word of God. If the word of God has transformed lives before, your case will not be an exception in Jesus Mighty name.
Let’s look at what Jabez did to encounter his transformation
Jabez’ Prayers
And Jabez was more honorable than his brethren…And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying…” The manufacturer of a product has the spare parts of the product, also the manufacturer also knows the best way to repair or replace any faulty part of the product, and this was the understanding that came into the mind of Jabez.
Jabez knew his creator and sustainer, so he went to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he called unto Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that he could ask or think (Ephesians 3: 20) and that God answered him. He went to the God that brought Israel out of bondage – the God that the sea saw and fled (Psalms 114), the God that brought down the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6) and destroyed kings that withstood them on their way forward, this was the same God that Jabez went to, whose name is “…the God of Israel…” – that same God that did those things for Israel should come and do his own and He did it for him, which became obvious for all eyes to see

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